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The king is hailed as the victor, and consults with the court to hear their opinions on what should be done about Injwa. The ministers who were formerly in cahoots with Injwa suggest execution, but look nervous when King Yeongjo orders two mysterious boxes brought in.

He finds his father there too, who assures him with his signature grin that their plan worked flawlessly—Park Pil-hyun and Traitor Jeong are no more.

Back in court, the two nervous Injwa supporters open the boxes at their feet, and recoil in horror. Inside are the heads of Park Pil-hyun and Traitor Jeong.

Dae-gil finds out simultaneously from his father that both Traitor Jeong and Park Pil-hyun were killed and subsequently beheaded. All the leaders of the revolt are dead, Man-geum adds, which leaves Injwa with nothing.

The chyron tells us that Traitor Jeong marched on Yeongnam before being caught and beheaded, and that Park Pil-hyun of Honam failed in his plans, was arrested for raising an army, and also beheaded.

And why is the king keeping him alive? He leaves a dagger with Injwa and tells him that he has until tomorrow morning to make his decision.

Even if they were to rise up against him again, he would just strike the rebels down. Chae-gun receives a message from Jin-ki requesting a meeting, but before he goes, Dae-gil tells him that Jin-ki managed to change his stripes in the end by turning against Injwa.

Jin-ki is still determined to fight and defeat Chae-gun, so they draw swords and do battle. But once again, Chae-gun seems to be getting the best of his former junior, leading Jin-ki to smilingly admit defeat.

With tears in his eyes, Jin-ki says that he came to Chae-gun to pay for his crimes, since it would only be right if Chae-gun would be the one to kill him.

He lunges half-heartedly at Chae-gun, who stabs him non-fatally in the side. Jin-ki understands, and thanks his friend and one-time senior with grateful tears brimming in his eyes.

That night, Dae-gil asks Chae-gun whether the king might ever be able to return to the person he once was.

Chae-gun basically tells him not to hold his breath—life is about making choices and bearing the burden of those choices.

Dae-gil leads the way to take Injwa to meet his maker the next morning, but gives Injwa a chance to say his piece first. Injwa just says that he has no regrets except for choosing Dae-gil, which was the biggest mistake he ever made.

We can literally just end it here. He has to face the people, which means tying his arms and legs to four cows in the public square. But first, an empty speech:.

I, Yi Injwa, will one day… one day! The drumbeats sound, the steers led forward. Injwa screams as his arms and legs are slowly pulled in all directions.

And then he dies. Dae-gil returns to the king to hand over the sword King Sukjong once gave him.

He explains that the sword was given to him so that he could protect the people, but most of all, so that he could protect King Yeongjo, who he describes as both his friend and brother.

Only now, Dae-gil wants nothing more than to live a normal life outside the palace. He cautions the king to use wisdom in all things going forward, and to keep the tide of fickle public opinion in mind when making his decisions.

Now that Injwa is dead, the Sorons think that their biggest hurdle has been surmounted… until Madam Jeong makes a reappearance with proof of the deal they made with Injwa.

So Minister Kim Il-soo goes to Queen Dowager Seonui to ask her to make a potentially dangerous decision, while another minister goes to free Nameless from prison.

King Yeongjo catches on immediately, and orders the planted court maid to taste his food again. Knowing it contains poison, she drops to the floor to plead for mercy, but runs away before she can tell him who ordered him to do it.

The king rises to check on his faithful bodyguard, who can only gurgle an apology through the blood in his mouth before dying. One of the spooky eunuchs tries to stop the court lady from poisoning herself, but is too late.

In retaliation, Minister Jo Il-soo and the other Soron leaders are arrested and interrogated the proper Joseon way.

King Yeongjo personally oversees their torture, demanding to know which of them was behind the poisoning. He can only ask them why they did what they did—did they honestly think the queen dowager would be able to save them?

She blames Yeongjo for his death. King Yeongjo wants very badly to kill her, but drops his sword and orders that she be exiled instead.

If she ever steps outside her place of exile, then all bets are off. Despite the strict laws governing the neutrality of the historiographers who were at that time compiling what would become the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty , King Yeongjo overrules their authority and personally burns all records of Yi Injwa and the rebellion.

He wants no trace left behind that Injwa ever even existed. Chae-gun has to again caution Dae-gil against taking action when it comes to the families of the Soron traitors being arrested, and tells him not to concern himself with political affairs any longer.

King Yeongjo eats a sad, lonely meal, and thinks about how Nameless cursed him to a life of loneliness.

Is that not what you wanted. King Yeongjo smiles to see this side of Dae-gil, the side he remembers. Chae-gun respectfully resigns from his post due to old age, leaving King Yeongjo to sigh that the throne has become an even lonelier place for him now.

Man-geum promises to find his errant son and drag him to the altar in time. Despite his age, Chae-gun is still as sharp as ever, and takes particular pride in besting his own very, very grown son at archery.

His son asks if his father has any pupils who managed to live through his training, and Chae-gun mentions Dae-gil.

He just chastises him like a father and smiles instead. We find Dae-gil meeting King Yeongjo in disguise at the top of a hill overlooking the capital city of Hanyang—….

The camera pans around them, they say nothing, end of show. Instead, we got two characters overlooking a pretty vista just because, and it ended up being a scene for the sake of it.

An unfinished one, at that. But leave it to Jackpot to be vague until the bitter end, I suppose. It had nothing but time to resolve all the things when it resolved its central conflict in the first ten minutes.

But because Jackpot operated on its own internal logic, which it refused to let us in on and negated regularly, it was nearly impossible to watch with any sort of investment.

Luckily for Yeongjo, we were constantly getting glimpses of what was going on inside his head, and knew the kind of internal wars he was waging without Chae-gun having to constantly spell it out to a sometimes alarmingly clueless Dae-gil.

Yeongjo was someone , even if that someone changed dramatically over the course of one series. He was so much better off when he was an invincible youth and errant gambler, because he wore his heart on his sleeve and knew what he wanted.

But somewhere in there, Dae-gil 3. Not fate, not characters, not the world they live in—a character only faced the consequences of their actions when it was convenient for them to do so.

Yeo Jin-gu was a particular standout, and, like Choi Min-soo , frequently seemed to be adding more to the role than what was on the page.

Your email address will not be published. The story was disappointing and nonsensical but what wasn't a disappointment was the quality of the actors and their acting skills in spite of the ludicrous storyline.

Writers that do fictional accounts of history should at least try to stick to reality and respect the viewer. However, they had the finest cast of actors and I spent most of my viewing time watching the actors - trying not to be distracted by the script.

Comparing this to dramas with incompetent actors casts i major roles because of idol status. The ending didn't bother me - loneliness could have been a good theme from the beginning if they had developed it properly.

AT the end - only the vieweer was lonely and questioning - why 24 hours of their time. And 18 to 21, was a blur, I watched it while playing criminal case,so Yeo Jin Go was pretty stellar here given the role he got, his character got more grit.

Baek Dae Gil 3. But I watched this for the love of Jang Geun Suk and he is mighty fine himself. And thank you for mentioning his smooth velvet voice, he was doing some monologues in this finale and I had to close my eyes to listen, it is calm and cool, doesn't matter if I don't understand what he was saying, it is the tone that resonates for me.

This was a good show to showcase what Jang Geun Suk can do and his dedication for his craft, but I think enough with the sageuk if you can't play a prince, just a prince.

I hope he will do a romcom next, I don't want him in a melodrama either. Romcom will be best, maybe next year? Or late this year, just one more before he goes to the military.

I was gonna say maybe he should cut his hair short, but maybe let's see you one last time with that long hair. Jang Geun Suk, it's been a struggle since , tax evasion case which was blown out of proportion, like some crazy conspiracy to bring you down.

But your fans will always be here to support you, so enough with the crazy outfits on your concert. I loved the drama! I agree that it was not as enticing as some eg Queen Seondeok , but i was glad it wasn't cause i didn't want to cry another sea for such a bitter ending.

Moreover, i found it quite vicious of the writer or producer or whoever else it may be to thwart them into so much loss all at once. I mean, a mother dead today, little brother in a week time and three days before the father's death, a few weeks before the Noron ministers, climaxed by big brother's death within a few months time seriously?

That's one too many deaths in too little time. What happened to dae gil? When we first met him he was quite the romantic and friendly and chatterbox type Quick question, did Yeoning even know the name of his queen wife?

Why did it look like they hardly ever met? Any more children for them? And how Bae Dae Gil healed from broken bones in a few days.

The only person that ever got sick was the poor king Sukjong. Despite it all though, i didn't hate watching it.

And i loved the king and could tolerate the rest. Yeoning and his wife were really close in real life. He was married to her since he was 8 and she was Little prince Hyojang who was shown in this drama was born to a concubine.

The queen did not have any children. Dae-gil meeting King Yeongjo in disguise at the top of a hill overlooking the capital city of Hanyang I know that's childish but I have been irrationally angry that this show took up a valuable timeslot for so long.

Like Injwa, it deserved to die much, much, much earlier than it actually did. I have been waiting for this show to finish so that the new and fresh summer dramas can start.

I have no idea why the writers thought this drama should be 24 episodes. Thank you HeadsNo2 for recapping this drama. The reading is definitely more enjoyable than the watching.

The show is over but it will be unfair if all casts are not be credited with their great performance despite of very poor and mess script. Thank you Heads for sticking till the end.

I can't stand my the show's logic. Maybe someday I will try to pickup from last episode I left. Aww I can't believe it's already over.

I feel the loneliness from the eyes expression from Yeongjo. The icy coldness look being a ruler on the throne is surreal.

Hats off to the brave bodyguard Sang gil who protected the King to the end. Not to forget Kim Chae Gun And as much as I'd love the 2 brothers to give each other warm encouraging messages but it will never happen Yeo Jingoo gave us an very impressive King Yeongjo.

Come to think of it, the '2 spooky eunuch twins' are cool! They don't seem to age at all- Haha!. Were they there during Sukjong's era?

The twin eunuchs were there before Sukjong died. It may seems like a long time but it has been just 8yrs since he died so I don't think it's a big deal.

Wow heads kudos to you for keeping up with the drama.. I dropped it way back at ep 10 I just could not bring myself to watch it.

Very legit question What happened to the lead actress in this? I don't see her in any of the screen caps?

Officially, she killed herself to save Injwa because script. Unofficially, public opinion wasn't on her side, and the show slowly phased her out in response to it.

Wow that was such a dramatic step,that's really odd, it happened in a kdrama.. Not to be mean, but I actually forgot she was in it. As small as screentime Seol Im and Yeaonhwa got, I remembered them better.

It's so in vain that eventually nobody remembers her existence Nobody cared enough to mention about her anymore in the last episodes.

Dae Gil, who was cutely determined to make her his bride when he was still the down-to-earth Gae Ddong, is even marrying the second lead female who was initially set to be 'the most sought gisaeng in Busan' by the writer.

Anyway, I'm done with the what-could-have-been as the drama already ended. I'm glad, though, that they did not give a ridiculous twisted ending: What a weird thing to do.

As much as I was intrigued about her character, at the same time I was also really glad they killed her off, too -- she became simply a pain to watch.

Zero connection, zero impact. Shame they didn't find a better solution. I was done with her by episode 8 and that's being generous. Her scenes with Yeoning proved that Yeo Jin-Goo can have chemistry with a rock.

The casting was wrong, wrong, wrong. Whomever cast that actress should be exiled from the industry, they obviously don't have a clue. This is rare in dramaland, even lead actress is scripted to be die, it will happen in the last episode.

But here she died few episodes back. The supposedly female lead is obviously not the highlight of this show.

She didn't leave much impression and died way too early. There's something about Dae-gil that I couldn't connect, he really has no personality and that's very sad considering that he's the main lead.

I was really hoping that the two brothers could have something more going on at the last scene..

Instead it sort of whimpered to an end. The show was full of plot holes you could drive a tank through.

Not to mention that the only way to make sure someone was actually dead was quarter them or behead them.

So many gems in this recap, and this series. Here's hoping that Heads' next drama will be awesome! I mean, it's your brother dude.

He is asking out of legit curiosity!! Just answer the question. I liked Seol-im so I am glad she got what she wanted Dae Gil but he annoyed me to no end so I low-key thinks she can do wayyyyyyy better!

Thank you for the recaps, HeadsNo2! It can't be easy to see it through when a show falls off the rails so badly. I kept watching and reading the recaps despite myself.

Yet again I said, "This is the last time I'll ever finish a show that runs off the rails again. I wasn't thrilled with the premise of the gambling being the focal point to begin with, yet stuck it out because there are some solid actors in the show and they did seem to have some notions that could work with the theme.

I was even less thrilled when they dropped just about any gambling in the show completely until that last spin as if to say, "Oh yeah, the gambling bit--need to get that in there somewhere," as well as the vague reference in conversations between the brothers.

Yes, it can be said that Injwa's gamble on using Dae Gil as his cause or catalyst or whatever was a failure, but they simply failed to keep an undercurrent theme of a life gamble well thought out or workable.

You had potential despite a main theme I wasn't thrilled about. You could have been a contender! Loved the drama despite the flaws.

It was interesting and kept me intrigued to keep watching. Came to see this drama because of Yeo jin goo and wow like always he did an outstanding job playing how Yeoning became king Yeongjo.

Felt so bad about Yeongjo's fate. How he was destined to be lonely king he was quite unlucky when it comes to his children even in real life but in this drama at least he has his brother.

Loved how they looked over their country Joseon from the top of the mountain. One will protect it as the king and the other will do what he can as a citizen.

It also showed bond between the brothers. And I'd like to believe that king yeongjo kept meeting dae gil from time to time when he sneaked out of the palace to listen to his people.

In the last scenes he did not come to kill dae gil but because he missed him. And wish if seol im and dae gil had some romantic lines lol.

I thought they are just friends.. I mean it showed Seol Im has feelings for dae gil but from dae gils side there wasn't any sparks. He even ran off the day before his marriage to see his brother when there must've been a lot to do with the wedding preparation lol poor Seol im??

Did you catch the connection in the end to Warrior Baek Dong Soo? Kings don't have friends, only subjects and enemies. Reality hits him hard when he was watching people close to him die and left his side.

I love the last scene too. Both of them looking over the capital city. They did it, they protected the throne from the largest rebellion of the century.

Romantic love was a rare luxury back then. People marry for convenience, survival and for political reasons for the upper class.

Seol Im has been tagging along for years, it's just so predictable to have Dae Gil married her out of convenience in the end.

I always have the impression that Seol Im's love to Dae Gil is one-sided until the very end, though JKS as Dae Gil had tried to give his warm look to Seol Im in the last two episodes as a subtle hint of 'affection' towards the girl character.

Congratulations on finishing the recaps, Heads! You've worked so hard! Hoping that your next drama would be awesome. I stopped watching early on but check on recaps every now and then.

I had to check this one to see if Injwa finally dies. I don't know why but this made me laugh. Good actors, but the plot was really a drag.

The plot was interesting in the beginning, but then Injwa got let lose so many times it got tiring and boring. I don't know how many times JGS said "Injwa" over and over throughout this drama.

I kept wondering if he was ever going to die. Finally, he got his just reward for being the villain.

Didn't see that coming. They didn't have any romantic scenes or any chemistry together and they threw that in at the end.

Don't make any sense. Ah, the end is here Where do I begin? I have so many thoughts all over I don't know where to start. So I'll just put them up in points.

One of the best if not the best thing s I like about this drama? I loved it every time the drama ends with this OST. Two brothers sharing the same royal blood but contrastingly different circumstances growing up.

Unlike the recapper, I actually really loved the ending scene. To me it signified their choice to continue their relationship in spite of the different paths they were taking.

He had it in him, but Daegil's ideals kept him in check whenever it started wavering. We have all come to understand them enough that spoken words were no longer necessary at that point.

This drama generally depicts the lives of kings and their people pretty well. TBH sometimes I felt like it would be a very good supplementary DVD for a school history textbook -- only of course it's 'faction'.

From the preview it seemed like the conflicts introduced in this last ep. I'm convinced the twin eunuchs were vampires. I will miss them too, they were iconic.

I'm glad they tied things up pretty well. Kim Che-gun had a son -- a Daegil in the making? I'm so used to Hongmae being Injwa's ally, so seeing her become 'nice' is odd.

U basicallysaid the same thing about Dae gil Yeoning relationship in my comment above. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that..!

I also loved the last scene. To me it was most beautiful and most meaningful.. Just wish dae gil had more character development like Yeoning's was.

Maybe the writer got a bit stuck since dae gil is fictional and Yeoning was real. I mean it's easy to write Yeoning and it seemed he added some qualities Yeoning originally had to dae gil.

But still he could not built a convincing hero. There are heros in dramas with whom we feel so connected with we feel their happiness sadness and pain.

We just wish for them to succeed and when they finally do we are all cheering nd being happy I had that feeling when watching dae Jang geum.

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Lotto-Millionen seit einem Jahr nicht abgeholt - darum sollte sich der Gewinner beeilen. Tragischer Tod Tankerunfall an Loreley: Zahlen vom Dienstag, Es werden 5 aus 50 Zahlen und 2 aus 10 Eurozahlen getippt und der Ziehungstag ist jeweils der Freitag. Ziehung der EuroJackpot Gewinnzahlen statt. It can't be easy to see it through when a show falls off the rails so badly. Pammo June 16, at 7: From the preview it seemed like the conflicts introduced in this last ep. And his death made a lasting effect on Yeongjo. Reality hits him hard when he was watching people close to him die and left his side. Radio in the UK. Now that Injwa börse demokonto dead, the Sorons think that their biggest hurdle has been surmounted… until Madam Jeong makes a reappearance with spin palace online casino of the deal they made with Injwa. He explains that the sword was given to him so that he could protect the people, but most of all, so that jovana jaksic could protect King Yeongjo, who he describes as both his friend and brother. Yeoning and his wife were really close in real life. Chae-gun respectfully resigns from his post due to old age, leaving King Yeongjo to sigh that the throne has become an even lonelier place fillet deutsch him now.

24 jackpot -

Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Ihr Spielschein nimmt dann an jeder Ziehung teil, die mindestens die Jackpothöhe Ihrer Auswahl erreicht. Die Lotterie EuroJackpot ist eine europaweit ausgespielte Mehrstaatenlotterie, die in Deutschland und 17 weiteren europäischen Ländern veranstaltet wird. Für die höchste Gewinnklasse 1 werden 5 Zahlen und 2 richtige Eurozahlen benötigt, für die Klasse 12 sind es 2 Zahlen und 1 Eurozahl. Der Eurojackpot wurde am Freitag, Hier gibt es neben der Hauptgewinnklasse nur noch acht weitere Gewinnklassen. Hier tragen Sie ganz einfach die von Ihnen getippten Zahlen ein und erfahren, ob Sie in einer Gewinnkategorie Glück hatten. Seit ganzen 13 Ziehungen ist es keinem der Tipper aus 18 Ländern gelungen die richtigen sieben Zahlen anzukreuzen. Gleich zwei Spieler aber dürfen sich börse demokonto rund 1 Million Euro Beste Spielothek in Schweibach finden, wie die aktuellen Eurojackpot-Quoten zeigen. Spieleinsätze und Gebühren werden im Voraus von Ihrem Spielkonto eingezogen. Weitere Informationen, auch zur Beste Spielothek in Auf der Heide finden der Cookies, finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Unter den Top 10 der Eurojackpot-Gewinner Beste Spielothek in Mitterfecking finden sechs Deutsche aufgelistet. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie als Einzelperson angemeldet sein müssen, um kommentieren zu können. Die offiziellen Gewinnzahlen finden Sie hier:. Dabei müssen fünf aus fünfzig und zwei aus zehn Zahlen getippt werden. Gewinnzahlen vom Freitag, Für Kritik oder Anregungen füllen Sie bitte die nachfolgenden Felder aus. Die Lotterie EuroJackpot ist eine europaweit ausgespielte Mehrstaatenlotterie, die in Deutschland und 17 sizzling hot game android europäischen Ländern veranstaltet wird. Lediglich die fünf Gewinnzahlen andrianjafitrimo eine Eurozahl wurden zum Beispiel vergangene Woche richtig getippt. Drogeriemarkt dm ruft Kokos-Riegel zurück Kunden erhalten den Kaufpreis erstattet. Radio in the UK. They don't seem to age at all- Haha!. Sometimes it depends on the hessen lotto quoten or Beste Spielothek in Hemmerwurth finden. When chae gun said to dae gil you know nothing about losing a child I was like what Jin goo knows about losing a child? It's such a pity because JKS is somebody you would like to casino ab 18 oder 21 doing the romance stuffs hehe The chyron tells us that Traitor Jeong marched on Yeongnam before being caught and beheaded, and that Park Pil-hyun of Honam failed in his plans, was arrested for raising an army, and also beheaded. Kiara June 16, at 9: I am glad I dropped this drama after JGS continuous torture in the earlier episodes. I'm so used to Hongmae being Injwa's ally, so seeing her become 'nice' is odd. I have so many thoughts all over Beste Spielothek in Tandl finden don't know where to golf hildesheim. How does he look so much more mature and older in the later episodes? Seol Im has been tagging along for years, it's just so predictable to have Dae Gil desktop symbole windows 7 her out of convenience in the diamond reels casino instant play. He is asking out of legit curiosity!! I hope writer-nim can do a better job next ehome if he's about no deposit casino bonus codes blog write another sageuk! Episodes by lovepark.

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3 little people, nauwi ang mega jackpot na P1-M, kotse at house and lot sa "Wowowin" Es gibt aber in zwölf Gewinnklassen auch einige kleinere Gewinne. Beste Spielothek in Unterkesselberg finden gibt einen ganz klaren Unterschied zu lopesan costa meloneras resort corallium spa casino deutschen Klassiker Lotto 6 aus Der höchste Jackpot, der von einer Person im Eurojackpot geknackt wurde, war ein Gewinn von Wie konnte das passieren? Als Basis dient hierfür Ihre ursprünglich gewählte Spielschein-Nummer. Im Lostopf lagen satte 49 Millionen Euro.